An ADHD-Friendly Study Application

HyperFocus is a distraction-free study application designed specifically for students with ADHD. By disabling notifications, breaking study sessions into manageable chunks, encouraging goal setting, and offering collaboration with the teacher, HyperFocus offers children and teenagers with ADHD the opportunity to regain their academic independence.

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Oakville Oktoberfest

Visual system including poster, ticket, and program

This reimagining of Oktoberfest's visual system is intended to appeal to the festival's wide audience, which includes members of all generations. Its use of German colours evokes a cultural feeling, while its sophisticated nature speaks to a new generation of foodies. The system includes a poster, a two-colour ticket, and a program of events.

Oakville Oktoberfest


History through colloquialisms

Jargon is a book detailing the evolution of North American culture from the 1950s to present day, as told through each decade’s colloquialisms. By providing examples of words and phrases that were common in each decade, the reader is taken on a journey that details how values and priorities have shifted over the past half century.


RTQ Fitness & Mobility

Personal training logo and business card design

The logo and business card design for RTQ Fitness & Mobility encompasses the visualization of strength. With bold colours and the integration of the barbell into the company's name, potential clients are reminded of the promise of a healthier, stronger lifestyle.

RTQ Fitness & Mobility

Bloodhound App

A community to help find lost items

Bloodhound is an urban scavenger hunt designed to help people reunite with their lost items. Through the community users can ask Bloodhound members to help find their lost items, or they can opt to return the favour and go in search of items near them.

Chalice Typeface

A transitional serif for editorial copy

Chalice is a transitional serif typeface, intended to be used for editorial copy. It explores the level to which thick and thin contrast can be pushed without hindering readability at small sizes. Chalice's specimen booklet utilizes a simple approach to show off each character, giving examples of its unique features and showing its performance at both text and display sizes.

Chalice Typeface & Specimen Booklet

Waveform Magazine

An electronic music magazine for the everyday listener

Waveform is a magazine designed to bridge the gap between the niche culture of electronic music and the casual, everyday listener. Just as a waveform is a clear visual representation of a song, Waveform Magazine does the same for today’s mainstream electronic music scene.

Whole Foods Brand

Brand redesign

This Whole Foods redesign contrasts the traditional with the contemporary to reflect the unique cross-section of wholesome values and modern trends in which the company stands. Fresh greens visualize Whole Foods’ commitment to healthy choices on personal, communal, and global scales. The contrast between the serif typeface and sans serif typeface that create the wordmark establishes a sense of unity between back-to-basics priorities of health and wellness and the savvy metropolitan shopper.


Toronto based graphic designer

My name is Alison Rachuk, and I'm a graphic designer from Toronto, Ontario. With a passion for print design and typography, I believe that design is first and foremost a method of communication through which messages are both conveyed by the piece and understood by the viewer. This process of communication is the thread that creates functional design, and in all of my work I ensure that the intended idea is conveyed in a way that speaks to the piece's specific audience. Outside of design I also enjoy language and writing, which helps me better understand the way that people interpret messages and meanings.


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