Content driven designer

Before I would use the word “designer”, I would first call myself a “communicator”. I believe first and foremost in the art of storytelling, the use of choice words and images in conjunction to convey an intended message. To me, that is the beauty of design — not the aesthetic pleasures it brings, but the act of communicating a clear, distinct sentiment through the careful curation of elements that the untrained eye may write off as arbitrary. In design, there is no room for the arbitrary; everything must serve a purpose — working towards a common goal, speaking the same visual language, telling the same story.

I discovered design with no pre-existing pull towards visual expression. On the contrary, my first passions were language and writing, and it is this love for articulating themes and messages that drew me to design. Whether through text, image, experience, or an intricate combination of the three, my heart belongs to the thrill of finding that perfect medium in which the story begins to tell itself.


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